Your journey from self-employment to owning a business asset begins with these programs…


Goal: To understand your numbers and why you are not earning what you are worth; get control with my revolutionary ‘one-figure’ target-to-actual analysis each week so you know if your business is on track…and what to do if it’s not.  It won’t be long before management is off your worry list.

My Promise: If you qualify for this Program you will generate an absolute minimum of $40,000 additional Gross Profit in your first year…and every year thereafter.


Goal: There’s a lot more to marketing than your name on the Ute door or sponsoring the local footy team. You will learn why so much of today’s ‘marketing’ is crap and a waste of money. Your relaunch begins with a revolutionary, eye-opening, definition of marketing that changes everything.


Goal: Too many startups fail and shut their doors; or worse, they fail but actually keep the doors open hoping things work out. There are four key factors to research before going out on your own; knowing these will give you the confidence to pursue your dream or justify staying in the current job a while longer.