When you are paid what you are truly worth you don’t just make a living; you make a life.

Imagine that!

Having spoken and worked with many tradies over the years, they tell me what it means to “make a life” rather than just making a living; outcomes such as…

* Not ending up with a broken body from all the physical work
* Not having to rely on the pension to survive
* Being able to work a ‘normal’ week’ and having regular time off
* Earning what you are worth, and some, to make all the above possible!

It’s a matter of understanding your # 1 problem and fixing it – then just about everything else will fall into place, guaranteed.

YOU qualify to join the Strategic Business Owner Program IF you are…

1: DISSATISFIED with your current level of profitability & cashflow
2: WILLING to learn and commit to a better way of doing business
3: SUPPORTED by your wife/partner who will join you in the Program as the ‘link’ person

Peter Fitzgerald
Trusted tradies adviser


“Our profit increased significantly after introducing the time and job management system. So much so that I was able to hire a manager to run the business while I left to pursue other interests! It meant we saved heaps of time on quoting; could quickly calculate what to charge on each job and issue invoices on the spot. And best of all, I knew exactly how the business was travelling from the weekly report comparing actual performance against targets”

Patrick Ellis – (Former owner) – Horsham Appliance Repairs